Quid Pro Joe Gets a Jumpstart in South Carolina

Quid Pro Joe Script

Quid Pro Joe SC jumpstart

Quid Pro Joe - Ukraine Boomerang

Quid Pro Joe defeats Quid Pro Joe

Quid Pro Joe Super Tuesday

Quid Pro Joe_Fidel Sanders

Quid Pro Joe-Fidel Sanders Young and restless

Quid Pro Joe-hammering the 'RATs

Quid Pro Joe-Brazile-blocking Bernie

'RATs unite behind Fidel Sanders

'RATs Socialism followed them home



What does it cost to win Samoa on Super Tuesday? According to Mini-Mike’s performance, $550 million!

Mini-Mike that giant sucking sound

Mini-Mike burns $550 million

Mini-Mike $550 million


Medicare for all-Wall Street

'RAT's Coronavirus Trump basher

Fauxchahontas-coronavirus-border wall

And now, in closing:

Trump-travel ban vs 'RAT's open borders

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