DemocRATS – The Party of Diversity

'RATs Diversity

… which neatly segues to:

Fidel Sanders

Fidel Sanders Supporter

Fidel Sanders-Life Alert

Fidel Sanders-Millionaire

Fidel Sanders-Slap yourself

Fidel Sanders-Venezuela-Sweden


Fidel Sanders-Fauxchahontas-Redistribute

… Speaking of Fauxchahontas:

Fauxchahontas-pale faces

… more from The Babylon Bee:

Ilhan Omar endorese Quid Pro Joe

… while we are on the subject of Quid Pro Joe:

Quid Pro Joe-Gump

More News You Can Use

News You Can Use
Old Hitlery-Break glass

Schmucky Schumer-out for blood

Coronavirus Panic

Supply chains to China

And now, in closing:

Russians trick me into voting for Trump again

Trump-painting over Obama

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