Mexico Is Paying For The Wall!

Mexico closed the border

• Ezekiel 22:30

Trump-Ezekiel 22:30

'RATs cheer stock market decline


Meanwhile, at the Criminal Organization Masquerading As A Political Party
Geriatrics Division

Criminal Organization


Quid Pro Joe-pull my finger

Quid Pro Joe-red Depends

Quid Pro Joe-Orange hat

No more weekend at Bernie's

Speaking of Fidel Sanders:

Fidel Sanders

Fidel Sanders-Delegates

Fidel Sanders' next best seller


'RATs primary-off the cliff

Mini-Mike After Debate

Gump-Don't vote Democrat

Political Favors-Clintons

• Nasty P. Lousy Mardi Gras Parade Float

Trump emoji

Click to play:

And now, in closing:


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  1. Oh wow!! The Bloomberg one On the plane!!😂😂😂 the Pelosi float was very disturbing but oh so funny!!!😂😂😂☕💜

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