St. Paddy’s Day Funnies 2020

In Honor of “Dr. Mc”, the Friday Funnies Staff Neurologist
and Official Irishman!

St. Patrick-off to the pubs

Irish shot pouring:

Tesla announces Peat-Burning Car for the Irish Market:

Tesla Launches Turf Driven Car For Irish Market

4 leaf clover-2

Murphy car wreck

4 leaf clover-2

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up – Irish Edition

Irish midget



Irish Valentine:

Irish Valentine

4 leaf clover-2


Are we Irish


Irish handcuffs

4 leaf clover-2

Irish Shenanigans


Bullet proof Irishman


Irish Yoga


4 leaf clover-2

And now, in closing:


Keep calm-be Irish


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  1. Okay I’m pretending to be Irish!! LOL keep up the smiles are great especially now. tip the Hat too!

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  2. Gary Lindstrom 17/03/2020 — 11:26

    That first one won’t work here. All of the restaurants and bars (pubs) are closed in New York State.

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  3. James Tefft 17/03/2020 — 16:31

    That was fitting for the Irish holliday. I dont think there is any Irish in my family. Two Teffts came over from England in 1630 and we were english till 1776 then we were Americans. Jim

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  4. Great set of St. Patty’s Day humor! That video of the bar tender pouring drinks is amazing stuff. Not being a drinker, I know how is that possible being somewhat Irish but it’s true the going-ons inside of a bar is foreign to me. The Irish joke about the mirror was a good one. lol Belated happy St. Patty’s Day to you, my friend. Now keep calm and pretend to be Irish for another day longer. 😀

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