“Hello Virus From Wuhan”

Hat tip to “Lark Regal ’62” for today’s theme.


Other Hat Tips to “Curious as a Cathy” and “Slice”.

Hello Virus From Wuhan

Click to Play:

Coronavirus-made in China____________
Don’t miss Steven Hayward’s
Midweek In Pictures – Social Distancing Edition

Social Distancing


Purell Corona List

Hoarders-Express Lane


American Gothic-2020

'RAT Princess Quaratine

Coronavirus tips

Global Warming vs coronavirus

Global_Warming vs Corona

Ammo stack

March Madness Corona

American farmer

'RAT's coronavirus strategy

Quid Pro Joe Corona Touch

Hitlery-Quid Pro Joe-Server Wiped

Quid Pro Joe chooses Coronavirus for VP:

Quid Pro Joe-Coronavirus as VP

Quid Pro Joe-steals Trump's coronavirus plan

Quid Pro Joe-red Depends



Actual GOOGLE (if you can believe it!) Search Results:

'RATs on Google

And now, in closing:

Trump-Covid-19 test

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