Ban Fossil Fools!

Tips of the hat today to “Joe P.” & “Lark Regal ’62”


But would Greta Thunberg approve?

Ban Fossil Fools

Quid Pro Joe rallies

Quid Pro Joe-Dem in Dementia

Quid Pro Joe-Easter Eggs

Quid Pro Joe-Little Girls



COVID-19 Shopping

144 rolls of TP

No Cash or TP

TP seeds

Will Work for TP

Reality of the Zombie Apocalypse

Flaunting my money


Cajun germ killer



Wash Your Hands Like You Just Shook Hands With A DemocRAT

Corona Daily Spleen

Covid-19 Panic

More News You Can Use
News You Can Use

Arkansas-BJ_Megan's Law

Libruls running to Mexico

Separated at Birth – Fredo’s big brother & Joseph Goebbels:

Separated at birth_cuomo-and-goebbels

And now, in closing:

Pass like a kidney stone


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  1. You know Bernie has a page on wp for a while.

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