It’s For Your Own Good!

Hat tip: “B-Squared II”

It's for your own good

'RATs_Socialist Distancing

'RATs_GOP Social Distancing

'RATs crash the economy

Biden Shutdown Warming

Chinese corona stats

CNN-Orange Man Bad

Bail Out_Breathe Easier

Coronavirus on stage

Wuhan-Great Escape

Nasty P. Lousy:

Nancy P. Lousy_wicked_witch_of_the_west_mousepad-re9c313bae21c4ed9a6751d9ac60bb7c0_x74vi_8byvr_512
Nasty P. Lousy-impeachment pens

Nasty P. Lousy-souvenir pens


Vodka as industrial strength hand sanitizer


Trump-painting over Obama

GM vs Trump Corona

And now, in closing:


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