Friday Funnies – Chocolate Chip Cookie Edition


Snoopy-hears someone eating chocolate chip cookie

8 Chocolate Chip cookies make the perfect lunch

Chocolate chip deceivers

Chocolate Chip fool's chocolate

Chocolate Chip Instant Diabetic Coma


Eat more greens






Corolla virus

Coughy filter



Hat tip: “Curious as a Cathy“:

Butter from another Udder


Gluten-free haircuts


Police-Village People

And now, in closing:

Oreos and the Revolutionary War


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  1. So Good and oh I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday in all this madness I promise I will try harder to be on time next year..Do stay happy, safe, and know the well wishes are always in the prayers sent everyday not just on the one day a year..

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  2. Great funnies today! In fact, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies this week. How did you know? Thanks for leaving the knitting me on my blog yesterday. That’s good stuff. I left this response to it in my comments for ya but in case you didn’t see. “I’m sorry for the slow response but I was busy knitting yesterday. Nah…I’m just kidding. I can’t knit. I had to make a run to the hardware store. 🤣😂😄” Stay safe and sound, my friend!

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  3. James Tefft 03/04/2020 — 11:13

    Hi Kido, them was pretty good and I like raisin also. I am just lucky to get a cookie now and then. I count my blessings. On good days I make turtle hotcakes. Jim

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  4. Happy Birthday, sir!

    Oh, how my wonderful wife and I love our cookies. That might sound odd, but I am really talking about cookies. We just tried Chips Ahoy thin and think they’re fab. Something about the texture of a thin cookie seems to make a (positive) difference. We are absolutely in love with Oreo Thins although in the current condition they seem to be absent from the shelves of all grocery stores.

    Keep Calm And Have A Cookie…

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    • I really like the Pepperidge Farm Chesapeake Chocolate Chip cookies. Pepperidge Farm uses both white and brown sugars in their formula and they get just the right amount of caramelization of the sugars that is so rare to find in a retail package of chocolate chip cookies. These are the closest to home-made chocolate chip I’ve ever found. 😋

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