Friday Funnies – Quarantined Edition!

Friday Funnies jpg

Tips of the hat today to “”Cuzzin Mary”,”DBP” and “Chris-to-Fear”
for most of today’s fodder!

He missed his forehead

Wine glass face masks

Alien facehugger covid mask

Jalapeños-touching face


Cannibalism-Vegans-grass fed

Not frightened enough to eat tofu

TP-Walmart-French Fries

Clean the toilet

Hand Sanitizer-Jello shots

Protein shakes=Margaritas

Hair salon closed

Cabin fever

Puerto backyarda

Run around the block

Twilight Zone



Parents will find vaccine

Fire drill

Wedded Bliss

#1 Cause

Wedded Bliss-mopped floor

Mrs. Hughes Talks About Wedded Bliss
Click to play:


Quarantine Day 6-Wedded Bliss

And now, in closing:

Responsible Adult


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  1. Hum for some reason wedded bliss wouldn’t play..


  2. James Tefft 10/04/2020 — 08:11

    Good morning, Friday Funnies, I see U have found some creative way to make masks.

    Liked by 1 person

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