Gear Head Tuesday – “Light Painting” A Packard Executive

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Packard Executive_Light Painting 5

Last October (2019), “BHappy” posted a fine series of Light Paintings of a 1956 Packard Executive at PackardInfo.

Packard introduced the Executive series mid-year 1956 in a four door sedan and a two door hardtop. Essentially it was a Clipper Custom with a Senior Packard front clip. Coming late in the model year as it did, only. a little over 1,000 of each body style was built – but those that were built sold well. It was too little, too late and Packard shut its doors on 25 June, 1956. We covered Packard’s “Executive Decision” >>HERE<<.

Enjoy the picture show!

Packard Executive_Light Painting 1

Packard Executive_Light Painting 2

Packard Executive_Light Painting 4

Packard Executive_Light Painting 3


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  1. Gary J Lindstrom 14/04/2020 — 10:34

    Now, those 1956 Packards look nice. In the 1970s, I had a 1956 Executive model sitting next to my kitchen door for awhile trying to get $100 for a complete, running car. After awhile, we took/drove that one and three other 1956s, including a nice appearing and running 1956 Patrician, to the junkyard.

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  2. michael cenit 14/04/2020 — 10:51

    The Executive was a nice car, it was a natural step between the Clipper and senior stuff. Nance should have come
    out with the Executive in 1953 and by the model change in 1955 the Executive would have been a established model..
    Kind of like the 120 or even the LaSalle was pre-war.
    They might have sold more 1957 Packard’s if they were Executives and had a Executive following going into the introduction.
    The 1957 Packard really was a pretty nice car, especially for a Executive buyer, problem was, as we all know it wasn’t a Packard and as the only Packard it started the start of the end.

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    • In a sense Packard DID have an Executive prior to the ’56 Executive – it was the 300 of ’51 and ’52, relabeled as the Cavalier for ’53-’54. This lower-trim Senior Packard, however, was dropped for ’55. Nance was both right and wrong about this decision. He was right in that the lower priced cars were (in his words) “bleeding the Packard name white”. This fact was a major motivation in moving the Clipper line (the 200 Series of ’51-’52) into a separate marque. So for ’55, the only Senior series Packards were the Patrician 4 door, the Four Hundred hardtop two door and the Caribbean convertible. The fly in this ointment was that Cadillac had a trim level below the Fleetwoods that didn’t dilute the Cadillac name and constituted the majority of Cadillac sales. Thus when the Executive was introduced mid-year in ’56, it sold very well – indicative that Packard had missed an opportunity. There was an Executive series planned for the unbuild real Packards for ’57.

      Here is a photo of the full-size mockup of the ’57 Executive:


  3. I believe there really was a “light show” like that actually produced by Packard with a new car on a uneven road surface. There were two lights, one anchored to center hub on the wheel, and the other mounted higher on the body to promote their new ‘Torsion-Level Ride’ taken with a long exposure camera at night.

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    • I think you are correct about that – but I’m not finding it on YouTube (so far). However, here’s two factory films (one 10 min., the other 21 min.) that tout the system. The longer film also touts the Twin Ultramatic and the Twin Traction.


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