Pandemic Puns!


Hat tip to “Michael C” for many of today’s images.
Michael owns this fine ’56 Studebaker pickup:

56 Studebaker truck-Michael Cenit

corona-mask2020 tan lines

Blondes disappear

TP-haircut appointment

On the beach after quarantine

Italians on lockdown

Human muzzles


2 weeks hanging out with myself

Dr. Seuss-Fauci

Slap me into next yearQuarantine hobbies

Tomato Soup

Quarantine airport codes

Historical event

Days of the week




Not Stay Home from School

Homeschooling graduates

Homeschooling-Sue_age 31


2020 as a slide

TP-How do you wish to pay

TP of the apocalypse

And now, in closing:

2020 as told by Steven King


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  1. Gary J Lindstrom 19/04/2020 — 08:43

    Thanks! It was good to laugh today.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. James Tefft 19/04/2020 — 08:43

    Hi Packard Man My Unkle had a packard looked lik a great big bug. Maybe it was a strech volkwagon I didnt think much about it at my age in the 50s that was about time Studebaker got it and didnt do much for it except lots of gobby chrome. The only part that was good was the engine in the Golden Hawk. I have been driving a 25 Stude since 82 and love the car. Jim

    Liked by 1 person

  3. michael cenit 19/04/2020 — 12:24

    Packard bug? had to be a 49 2 Dr fastback, sure wish I had one………..Jim, Yep the Studebaker V-8 especially was a fine engine,
    I kind of liked the rest of the car also, always have. Maybe it was that funny chrome nose on the 50/51’s.

    Liked by 1 person

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