Gear Head Tuesday – Proposals For The First Postwar Packard

Gear Head

'48 concept 3

The above rendering by Carl Evers shows a natural evolution of the pre-war Clipper design. Shown below is a 1947 Clipper Custom Super Eight which was little changed from the pre-war car. The actual production 1948 Packard was an unhappy, dumpy design that earned the sobriquet “pregnant elephant” or “upside down bathtub.” Below the blue ’47 is a black ’48.

Clipper Club Coupe

48 club coupe

Designer and artist Carl Evers (1907-2000) came to the U.S. in 1947 from Sweden where he had worked as an auto illustrator . In the U.S., Evers became a famous illustrator and artist, producing illustrations for Argosy and other magazines. He also produced fine art, often using nautical themes. He produced these seven illustrations of ideas for the first post-war Packard.

A Roll Royce and Mercedes-Benz influence can be seen in some of them. It would have been interesting if these neo-classical designs had been produced, or parts of them incorporated into the post-21st series cars. Their styling would have been most attractive , especially with the vertical grille treatment.

The story of how these drawings survived is somewhat typical of other items rescued from the Packard trash bin. When Packard was shutting down, its design studio material was being discarded indiscriminately, much of it being burned at the Packard power house. The tale of Stylist Richard Teague smuggling Styling Department material out of the Packard plant in the trunk of his car is legendary. We are fortunate that these finely-rendered concept drawings survived.

'48 concept 6
'48 concept 4

'48 concept 5

'48 concept 10

'48 concept 9

'48 concept 8gear

Curbside Classic has published a series of photos of Car Dealerships.
Here is Ed Clancy FIAT Volvo:

Ed Clancy Imported Cars


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  1. michael cenit 21/04/2020 — 06:23

    very nice

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  2. Dave Brownell 21/04/2020 — 07:11

    Mr. Evers might also wanted some credit from the British post war Jaguar (Mark VIII), Rover (P3, 4) and Rolls Royce because these Illustrations look awfully familiar. But what do I know because I still love to drive my Pregnant Elephant?

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  3. Una Obra de arte!!!!!!, como lo Fue!!!!! El Packard Clipper- 1941-1947!!!Nacidos antes de tiempo!!!

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  4. kimmargosein 21/04/2020 — 09:00

    Hmm. Drawing 1 has the most promise, though the batwing bumpers and dagmars have to go. The rear seems to resemble the step down Hudson. The remaining drawings are too European for American tastes, and some seem a step back. Drawing 3 looks like you could mount a winch in front.

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  5. The resemblance to Rolls-Royce/Bentley is unmistakable, but that’s the auto design business. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all. Too bad these designs were not implemented.

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  6. I would love to see the 1948 Clipper design that Packard’s chief stylist John Reinhart had in mind. He said that he had wanted to “sweeten” their current model, but instead the company went with another proposal, the bulbous design of 1948-1950 Custom 8. I don’t believe however that any sketches that he may have made have survived.

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