Nasty P. Lousy: Let Them Eat Ice Cream

We’ve covered this previously but Nasty P. Lousy’s out of touch demonstration showing off her $24,000 SubZero freezers stocked with $12 a carton Jeni’s Ice Cream while the country is shut down and the economy is collapsing really rankles. We give you the link to send a message to the Speaker’s Office and we encourage you sot SOUND OFF!

nastyp. lousy-eating-ice-cream

Click to play:

Nancy Antoinette says:

Nasty P. Lousy-Let Them Eat Ice Cream

Meanwhile in Nasty P. Lousy's kitchen

Nasty P. Lousy-let them eat ice cream

Action board

Tell Nasty P. Lousy what you think about her bragging about her $12 a carton ice cream stored in her $24,000 SubZero Freezers while we struggle to pay our bills. You can sound off right 

Covid and poverty

Lost life savings


Coronavirus zoo

Face Mask-stress eating


And now, in closing:

Burma Shave


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  1. Just sent Piglosi my message!!🤣🤣

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  2. michael cenit 22/04/2020 — 07:44

    What’s amazing is how is how can it be that this women can be so out of touch, or her advisers are, what were they thinking going on national TV next her Sub Zero full of that designer ice cream, when most of the tax payers in this country still use there old Kenmore’s, until there almost done and then hand them down. I’m not from CA, and really am not into the CA culture, but people are people, Americans are Americans…how in the world does she keep getting elected.

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  3. michael cenit 22/04/2020 — 07:45

    sorry about the mistakes in about e-mail, writing about that person does that to me…..


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