In Wuhan This Means Your Dinner Is Ready

Dinner in Wuhan




Nasty P. Lousy-death of small business

Nasty P. Lousy-Ice Cream-Fire Alarm

Quid Pro Joe-Nasty P. Lousy-Ice cream shortage

Trump tweet-Nasty P. Lousy ice cream

Action board

Tell Nasty P. Lousy what you think about her bragging about her $12 a carton ice cream stored in her $24,000 SubZero Freezers while we struggle to pay our bills. You can sound off right 


Criminal Organization

Quid Pro Joe-Denzel

Quid Pro Joe_Corona_Climate_Mask

Schmuck-Vote by Mail

Corona Civil Liberties

Stalin and the DemocRATs


Oil Glut

Gas Prices Negative

Deficit Hawk

Perfect Storm

Closed Liberty

Immigration suspension

Trump-Listening to the Science


And now, in closing:

Trump-War Time President

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