Studebakers awaiting rescue

I found this trio of Studebakers awaiting rescue on a farm located between Dixon and «Louis la Vache’s» favorite city, Vacaville (Cow Town). We have here a ’60 Lark VIII hardtop with a 259 cu. in. V8 and three speed manual transmission with overdrive, a ’64 Cruiser and a ’59 Lark. The ’59 has become a parts donor, but nonetheless looks restorable. The owner of this trio also has a rare ’55 Speedster and a ’64 Gran Turismo Hawk.



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  1. A treasure for someone. I have enjoyed putting life back in a few, but never to the level of competition. I just love to see the old guys happy again. THANKS. Some one will rescue them..:)


  2. Kind of sad looking


  3. Indeed it is, Yogi. That hardtop would be a spiffy looking car were it restored and the ’64 Cruiser would be worth keeping because it was the end of the line for South Bend production. I assume the ’55 Speedster is kept indoors. I neglected to ask. The ’64 GT Hawk is on concrete instead of being in the field as are this trio and it is well-wrapped in tarps to protect it from the elements.


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