Jerry Mander – Jobs Not Mobs

Jerry Mander
The Counter-Resistance

All lives splatter


Hitlery-Antifa-Emotional Support Thug


Dear Snoopy-libs



The Life & Times of Fauxchahontas:



Fauxchahontas-smoke signals


Fauxchahontas 1:1024th


Fauxchahontas-Cleveland Indian

republican_elephant40 Year background check

Abort Socialists

Ban sodas

The View

Criminal Organization

Sisterhood of deceit

BJ corkscrew

Hitlery won't go away

Socialism works


Nancy P. Lousy-stop growth

More News You Can Use:

Boys then and now

Speaking German

Burning gas your hybrid saves


Reagan on Marx:Lenin

Right Wing Extremism


Trump waving

Trump-It ain't braggin'

Trump-more cowbell

Trump cape


Winnie:Union JackWeekly Winston

The West is free today thanks in large part to one man – Winston Churchill. Historian and bestselling author Andrew Roberts explains how Churchill saved the world from Nazi Germany in this Prager University video (5 min.)


And now, in closing:

Turn out and VOTE


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  1. TOPS were:
    It ain’t bragging if….
    What boys were doing….
    And the last one about voting! I have my ballot right here, it goes in tomorrow! VOTE!

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  2. Kenneth Felton 22/10/2018 — 22:45

    Great bunch!

    Unborn babies are human at conception as they have unique DNA.

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