Refill the Airhead

Hat tips today to “Dr. Mc”, “B-Squared” and “Lark Regal ’62”

AOC-Biden-airhead refill

'Rats and bigotry

Socialists-do nothings

Ben Stein-AOC's promisesNancy P. Lousy-gavel-impeachment

'Rats lost an election they rigged

al-Baghdadi-rest in pieces

Nancy P. Lousy-al-Baghdadi

Omar-loved one in Syria

Al-Baghdadi tweet-hitlery

al-Baghdadi-Nancy P. Lousy-Pencil neck-leaks

Trump kills unarmed father of three

Trump vs. 3M

WaPo-Ted Bundy

Washington compost-Escobar

news fake 2019

Cultural differences

Kurds and Christians


The Latest News from Pierre Delecto, RINO-Utah

Pierre Delecto

Words from Romney


Trump vs. Hitlery

Incompetent State-Incompetent Utility

Respect is taught at home


And now, in closing:

Obama-Lama-Ding Dong

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