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Gear Head

Peaked lights and boomerang tails: reader “Dave B.’s” ’56 Packard Esquire fitted with a Caribbean hood and the boomerang taillights of his ’56 Packard Executive hardtop.


Stainless steel halo rear window surround on “Dave B.’s” ’56 Packard Executive hardtop:


More peaked lights: ’56 Packard Patrician sedan


Below: “See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet” – a ’59 Chevy Impala sedan photographed at the Nike missile installation along the Pacific coast in Marin County, north of San Francisco.  Ultra left-wing Marin County residents would never allow such an installation today and the missile base has long been closed.


Below: a ’63 Chevy Impala Super Sport hardtop photographed off of Highway 92 just west of I-280 in San Mateo County California, south of San Francisco. The water is Silver Crystal Springs* reservoir that supplies much of the water for San Francisco. The reservoir was once owned by William Bourn who built the Filoli estate just south of the reservoir. Filoli was purchased in 1937 by William and Lurline Roth. It was Lurline Roth’s father, William Matson, who started the Matson shipping line. Lurline was named after a ship in the Matson fleet rather than the ship being named after her. Matson has had a Lurline in its fleet since its beginning.

* Updated – I think Auto-Correct got me and I didn’t notice it – I intended to write “Crystal Springs,” not Silver Springs. See the comments below. “Chris-to-Fear” gives a link to the Nike missile site.


’54 Buick Skylark


Below: wood on a Chrysler Town and Country






’41 Packard One-Eighty Le Baron:



Send us photos of your car – we would be happy to post them.


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  1. Dave Brownell 15/11/2016 — 09:07

    I used to live in the South Bay peninsula so I believe it is Chrystal Springs, not Silver, Reservoir.
    The Auto Art photos are beautiful!


  2. Dave Brownell 15/11/2016 — 09:45

    Crystal Springs, that is, not Chrystal. Too much Chrysler on my mind


  3. christofear 15/11/2016 — 09:56

    I think that the Nike site is this one.


  4. Jack Darnell 15/11/2016 — 14:35

    It is probably age talking, but I do miss the ‘class and difference’ in automobiles. I remember when teen age boys could tell you the year and model of every car on the road, by a door handle, grill or tail light. It probably isn’t important, but today I have a problem telling what car is what. A Hundai looks like the BMW The Chevy is misaken for a caddy., the honda and Lexis are look alikes.

    But life goes on. I have grown to like the front wheel drive, the master cylinder on the firewall instead of under the gas pedal, and doors that lock themselves. hahaha.

    Good entry.


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