Jerry Mander – The New #Me Too Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

Our esteemed FBI is REALLY on the ball – as seen below.

The New Me Too

Ramirez-FBI-ball drop


Ramirez-weapons guide


Librul Logic-guns


Librul Logic-Drunk Driving

Trump waving

Steven Hayward reports on the events of the week in …

The Week In Pictures – Blockchain Edition

“So with this edition, Power Line and the Week in Pictures is going blockchain. I have no idea what that means, but I am sure that it means it will henceforth be very au courant, and shower us with virtual tokens, bitmaps, fitbits, blockcoins instead of round coins, and spontaneous pictures that will self-assemble themselves. And a new reason for some of our blockhead readers to get upset.”
Banana coin

Click >>HERE<<

Trump waving

More News you Can Use:

CNN Questions



Geraldo has a moment of rationality:





Palestinian Statehood bomb


Social Security

A word from Fauxchahontas:


Now, in closing, we are pleased to announce that San Francisco has earned the coveted Librul Schiesshole City Award:

San Francisco-schiesshole


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  1. Great graphics for a sick problem. Gotta go cross country to check the mail on this end. Always enjoy the visit and read.

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  2. It’s easy for people to have hindsight after an incident, but they forget that law enforcement can not arrest people before they commit a crime. They do that and people are up in arms (pun intended) about privacy, civil rights and anything else they can come up with.

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    • Kenneth Felton 24/02/2018 — 23:56

      The authorizes had all the foresight they needed to prevent this tragedy. The FBI had been alerted, the police had over thirty contacts with the shooter, he had been thrown out of three schools and not allowed to bring a backpack to his last school because they were afraid he would bring a weapon. His facebook and other social media marked him as a sociopath who obsessed over ISIS. How many red flags do the authorities need before they will act? Why wasn’t there any info on him in the federal registry, given how much information they keep on everybody. What use are the police and security when they will not act in the face of an ongoing attack?

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      • They can not act until something happens – look at all the laws built around civil rights and protecting the accused. I don’t like it, but there it is.


      • You are right, Kenneth – and I withdrew my earlier reply to another comment by another poster. I wrote that reply ignorant of the failures by multiple government agencies to take action on Cruz when there was ample evidence at hand giving them cause to act.


  3. Kenneth Felton 24/02/2018 — 23:50

    So many good ones. The government claims we don’t need guns because they will protect us. The Parkland high school shootings and murder rates in all the big dem controlled cities tell a different story.

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