Jerry Mander – National Nacho Day Edition!

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

Hat tip to “B.Squared” for today’s theme.


Celebrate! Today is the 532nd Day that Old Hitlery* is Nacho President!

Old Hitlery is a Registered Trade Mark ®™ of the Democrat National Committee. Both Old Hitlery and the DNC are wholly-owned subsidiaries of George Soros.

peace thru violence, freedom thru controlpantifa

How do we counter this? Meet Headlock Helen!

(Hat tip: “Chris-to-Fear”)

Headlock Helen

Click >>HERE<<


• SCOTUS Watch:


• Let’s hear it from Fauxchahontas:


Fauxchahontas got a new puppy. What shall she name him?

Fauxchahontas-sniffing bull


Criminal Organization


Democrats' Blue Wave

michael moore-left wing

Mueller-pumping up collusion


Women harrassed by Leftists




sowell on preferential treatment

Haters won't leave 2

haters won't leave

• The Case for Term Limits:

(Paging Mitch McConnell)

Term Limits

Trump waving





its called mexico

… And now, in closing:

Trump-Serves America


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  1. You’ve been batting 1000 lately!

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  2. As before I like it all. Good graphics and flat out statements of the truth. I like the Presidents and Umbrellas.. And the skeleton, ain’t that the gospel!!!

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  3. Kenneth Felton 12/07/2018 — 16:19

    Great bunch of comics. Headlock Helen is my new hero.

    But Term limits are not a good idea. Congress is bought and paid for by the global plutocracy, just as was the Roman Republic. The money men don’t care whether they’re paying a veteran or a newbie, as long as they get their agenda implemented. All the newbies need money to campaign and that’s when the plutocracy get’s their claws into them.
    With term limits the rare honest Congressman has to leave before he’s able to accomplish anything. Now, we still have the power to throw out the bums and as more and more Trump supporters become woke, the more chances we have to vote in American firsters. What we have to watch out for, as demonstrated by the forerunner to the party of Trump, the Tea party, are lowlife politicians pretending to be American firsters until they get elected. One prime example was Marco Rubio.

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