President Trump Joins the March For Life

March for Life

President Donald Trump made history this week by becoming the first President to join the annual March for Life.
Video >>HERE<<

Trump at March for Life: “Together We Must Protect, Cherish, and Defend the Dignity and Sanctity of Every Human Life

Abortion-moth of our flag


I'll be Tremendous

Trump-Black Sheep of Davos

Ilhan-return to sender


Impeachment Follies

Impeachment trash

Impeachment witnesses

Nasty P. Lousy's impeachment pen

schiff for brains-moron


Babylon Bee

Schiff-for-brains_plank in eye

Massive Plank Appears In Adam Schiff’s Eye As He Accuses Trump Of Being A Liar
Story >>HERE<<

Schiff-for-brains_Americans may tamper with next election

Democrats Warn That American People May Tamper With Next Election
Story >>HERE<<


More News You Can Use

News You Can Use

Where's Hunter

Big Foot_Moochelle




Steven Hayward’s 

The Week In Pictures – Early Groundhog Day Edition!

circus comes to Senate

Steven writes:

“Is impeachment still going on? I know Groundhog Day is still officially nine days off, but I guess Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi came out of their hole in the ground early and saw their shadow: six more weeks of impeachment! To paraphrase Dr. Venkman, impeachment beats having a real private sector job. Also: Are iguanas the new groundhog? What does it mean when an iguana sees its shadow as it falls to the ground? Iguanas are certainly a more fitting mascot for House Democrats than a fluffy groundhog. Fun times!

Read the whole thing >>HERE<<

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And now, in closing:

Don't California Texas


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